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The Social Network

I’ve been looking forward to The Social Network ever since the first teaser hit the web. Written by Aaron Sorkin, directed by David Fincher and focused on the biggest start up our generation has known, it lived up to hype. It tells the story of how Mark Zuckerburg went about building his empire which stretches to 500 million users. Jesse Eisenberg plays Zuck and really nails the part, portraying him as a socially awkward individual who never really found a role for himself. A few of the reviews I had read in advance suggested that they didn’t demonise him and I don’t think they do. From what I’ve read and seen of him it seems as if he’s never really had a lot of close friends and generally comes across as being quite aloof. Maybe I’m making a snap judgment about the guy from the films portrayal and media clips.

The supporting cast are all very good with Andrew Garfield a standout as Eduardo Saverin, the guy who was with Zuckerburg from the start. He’s the voice of reason whilst also being naive to the business environment they’re emerging into. You can’t help but root for Saverin by the closing act (especially when contrasted to the Winklevoss twins). I’d recommend you catch the film and also read this New Yorker piece which, while quite big, provides great background on the man himself. The Social Network is released on 15th October.

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