Where now so? The Baggot Inn?

Myself, Paddy and Dar are standing outside of the Porterhouse Central. One problem, the place is full and we’re fifteen minutes away from kick off between Spain and Germany in the WC Semi-final. Dar suggests heading for the Baggot Inn. It’s a ten minute walk but has a big screen and we’ll be able to have some food. Turned out to be a great decision. The only reason I’m writing this blog post is down to the great service we got. Getting the only booth left, the manager suggested we could sit on the back of the booth to get a better view and offered us a menu for food.

We got pints via the taps at the table and the staff were good enough to delay our food until half time. The game was a bit flat with Spain controlling the majority of possession and carving out chances. They got the only goal of the game and to be honest, none of us could see Germany coming back. At the end of the evening when we paid our bill, the manager said “thanks for the business”. We’ll definitely be back. That type of service should always be rewarded.

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