Ireland’s Eye

Last Sunday I took a trip to Ireland’s Eye with Peter Donegan‘s Garden Group. I wrote about the first outing to the War Memorial Gardens a couple of months ago and was really looking forward to this one. Before we set sail we got a talk from Diarmuid O’Cathasaigh of The Howth Peninsula Historical Society. Diarmuid gave us a fantastic history of the island and surrounding area (Peter got a video here). After a quick trip on The Little Flower ferry we landed and got to work exploring the island which contains a Martello Tower and monastic church. There’s a lot of wildlife and the few photobloggers amongst us got some amazing shots. After enjoying a short picnic we made our way back to Howth where most of the group enjoyed a few pints but I had to be off. Great day out and I’d recommend taking the trip now that the summer is almost here.


  1. Jennifer Farley   •  

    Hi Anthony
    Yeah I had lots of fun too. It was really nice to go somewhere different. Thanks for the link on Diarmuid’s pic 😛

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