Friday Photo – Kevin Smith, Vicar St

Kevin Smith at Vicar St
Went along to Vicar St with Darren, Lottie and Fergal to see the legend that is Kevin Smith on Wednesday evening. I didn’t really know what to expect other than that he’d be talking about his life/career and answering questions from the audience. I’m struggling to even explain it now. I’ve re-written three different versions of a sentence but can’t quite sum it up. It was: hilarious, refreshingly honest, crazy and raucous. I’ll definitely be going back to see him when he comes back.

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I was at this show too Anthony. Amazing night’s craic. Kevin blew me away with his stories and the extreme honesty about making movies in Hollywood. No chuffa in the evening at all! 😉

@Amanda: He does a good few of the live dates so I’d keep an eye on his site. Well worth going.

@Dermot: Definitely no chuffa. 🙂

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