Friday Photo – Meeting Dave Gorman

I’ve been a fan of the English comedian Dave Gorman for some years now. I like his wacky style and have watched/read about his adventures through Googlewhacking, driving across America unchained and finding other Dave Gormans. He was playing the Kilkenny Cat Laughs so his was one of the shows I booked first. At the festival club on Sunday night I got to meet the man and he’s an absolute gent. We’re flying over to see him perform in a train carriage in Scotland later this year but that’s another blog entry. 🙂
Myself and Dave Gorman

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@Darren – don’t you just hate those overly enthusiastic optimistic people? 🙄

Before the CLs I couldn’t have picked Dave Gorman out of a lin up – but he was brilliant. So very clever. I can’t wait for Schot-land.

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