Chase that cheese wheel!

Myself and RPs got chatting on Facebook about bizarre sports. She suggested cheese rolling. Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake sees competitors from around the world tumble down an almost vertical hill in Gloucester, chasing an 8lb Double Gloucester Cheese. Wake?! :-/ Favourite bit would be the guy sitting on his ass sliding down who is then moshed when he stops:

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Look at them mad eejits lamping themselves around a hill… I’m pretty sure that statistically this has the highest level of injuries for any sport ever. FACT.

We must do this. Must. Must. Apparently it’s soooper dangerous and you have to sign a disclaimer before you go a rollin’.

@raptureponies: I’m in no doubt that it does. I’d say the sound of legs and arms snapping echoes around the valley.

@Lottie: We’ll watch ya do it. 🙂

I do believe this is a must. We could do it on a small scale. All we need is a roll of cheese, a hill and several ambulances.

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