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Ron Colby and Paul Watson
I saw ‘Pirate for the Sea‘ during JDIFF which focuses on the activities of Sea Shepherd, lead by Paul Watson. They go out and do the work that Greenpeace won’t, actively interrupting the illegal whaling and seal hunting. For that I’ve decided to support them. When you see what goes in the far off corners of the world you can only but despair for mankind’s ability to commit barbaric cruelty under the guise of business.

I got this sent an email this morning. It’s an appeal for Ireland’s representatives to support a complete ban on seal products. It goes through the EU tomorrow. If you’re interested enough please read through it and take just a few minutes to submit your message.

Just weeks before Canada’s annual seal hunt is set to begin, the 27 Member States of the European Union are considering a historic proposal to ban trade in seal products throughout the EU.

The countries must choose between two proposals: 1) a total ban that would stop trade in products of cruelty, and 2) a deceptive regulation with a gaping loophole that would allow the trade to continue.

Unfortunately, Ireland has indicated so far that it will vote for the second option. TOMORROW, Ireland will make its final position known at an important meeting in Brussels.

We must convince our government to vote for a total ban — the only legislation that will stop the cruelty. Please join me in writing to our Environment Minister on behalf of seals. It will
only take a minute. Here is the link:

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