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We could get something from this

I’ve set the side out as strong as I can. Away to Castleknock Celtic and we haven’t played them yet this season. The last time we were here it was a close game. The first half has been even enough. They seem to be at our level in terms of ability to play it on the deck.

Crap, we’re gone one nil down ten minutes into the second half. The defense are playing well but we’ve got caught with a quick break down the wing and a low shoot. I’m not too worried though. There’s been chances for both sides, we’ll get an opportunity to get level. The opportunity falls to ‘Mittsy’. The keeper saves it initially, shite the chance is gone, nope he’s caught the rebound well from a tight angle and it’s in. The parents are celebrating but I’m shouting at the lads to concentrate. It’s one thing to get level in a game, it’s another to sustain it, I’ve learned that, especially with this team. They’re listening though.

A one-on-one with our keeper is saved. Christ this is nerve wracking stuff but we’re getting opportunities. A break down the wing, their defender puts it out for a corner. We could get something from this. Jack swings it over, the defender only knocks it on and Adam connects with a volley from 6 yards. I was fucking right. Beautiful. Two one up and three minutes to go……there’s the final whistle. This I’ll remember forever. My first win in two years as a manager.

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As a parent who once watched his son’s team play for two years straight, winning once I think (and I managed them a couple of times in that stretch) I completely understand your joy!

Congrats 😉

@Clare: 🙂 Thanks.

@Rick: Thanks, the parents that come to the matches are great. I wish more would but with our general run of results it’s understandable.

@TheChrisD: Yes, they did.

@Darragh: Cheers.

@whoopsadaisy: Hopefully. They’ll be looking forward to the next game anyway.

@Ken: They’ll be going to McDonald’s if they win. I’ve shook hands on that one.

@Darren: Cheers mate. 🙂

@Lottie: Finally is right.

Hahahhaha, i just burst out laughing in work and the girl in front of me got told shes being made redundant and is looking at me in not such a good light.

But good work Toners, you da man!

Ah! My comment got ate..

Awesomeness though! Well done to all teh young ‘uns! 🙂

@PaddyInEngland: Jaysus, I’d say that was an awkward moment. Cheers.

@raptureponies: I think your computer ate it cos there wasn’t one held for you. 🙂 Thanks.

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