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Investigations Ongoing

Ken had mentioned it to me at CreativeCamp last year but somehow i’d missed it since. I’m talking about Vultures PI. The Kilkenny produced, Vulture Private Investigations, put their fourth episode of the online sitcom, The Case of the Poisoned Dates, live last week. It follows the escapades of three private “detectives”, Dan McGrain, Jim Vultour and Niall Tennyson plus a cast of great supporting characters.

The writing is smart, funny and effective with the interplay between the lads feeling completely natural. If I had a favourite character so far it’d be Jack Street (played by Ross Costigan) or Dan McGrain (played by David Thompson). In truth it’s probably unfair of me to pick two as everyone is just so good. The latest episode deals with the romantic entaglements of the characters and had me genuinely laughing out loud. Episodes 5 & 6 of the show are filming at the moment and they’ll close out the first series. I’m really looking forward to them.

You can check out the episodes over on their site or subscribe via iTunes (dead easy). Check out Jack Street’s promo video below:

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