The Walking Dead – Vol 1

The Walking Dead - Vol 1

Finished ‘The Walking Dead Volume 1’ on the bus this morning. It follows Rick, a police officer in a small town, who wakes from a coma in an abandonded hospital to a zombified public. I know what you’re thinking, “that sounds awfully like 28 Days Later”, trust me the rest of it isn’t. I got through it quite quickly but the story is sharp and the artwork is stunning (by Tony Moore). There’s something like 8 volumes so I’ve got lots to get through.


  1. Dave2   ā€¢  

    It just keeps getting better!

    If you enjoy The Walking Dead, may I suggest you pick up Kirkman’s other comic… Invincible, if you haven’t already? Amazing book.

  2. anthony   ā€¢     Author

    @Dave2: I bought Vol 2 yesterday. šŸ™‚ I’ll pick up Invincible as well so. Bought from a local comic shop to support them but there’s some price difference (70% more) between them and online. šŸ˜•

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