Soundchecking Suntory

This is mad late but……last Thursday was Soundcheck in Spy. Rick had played it whilst I was away in the States but I made it along to see orpies wreck the gaff. Crazy good night and will be back there again.

Chilled out on Friday due to a day off and then went over to Darren and Liz’s on Saturday for Suntory Time. We got two bottles of Suntory whiskey (from Lost in Translation) and had a formal night in. Relaxing times:
Suntory time

Tonight is The Hours in the Underground (Kennedys, Westland Row) so that should be good craic.

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How come your always in photos wearing a tux? You could be the new Bond and Il be the new evil guy but this time Bond does get eaten by the shark. OR DOES HE?????????

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