1. Ben   •  

    Quality advert!

  2. Darren   •  

    Brilliant. Very clever.

    (But surely completely stale by the time he got home)

  3. anthony   •     Author

    A little known fact about time travel is that it keeps bread fresh as the day it was baked.*

    * May not be factually accurate.

  4. Darragh   •  

    Dammit, I thought that was Dublin for ages. It’s not though, is it?

    I’d love to see an Irish ad doing similar.

    What was the podcast?

  5. anthony   •     Author

    Don’t know if it’s supposed to be a specific city in England but the mining reference would make me think midlands.

    The podcast is “The Best Ads on TV” on iTunes.

  6. whoopsadaisy   •  

    Brilliant! Loved that. I almost welled up watching it. A little. 🙂 🙄

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