Pulled by the CHiPs!

Well it had to happen at some point. The other day as we were cruising down the highway, on our way out of L.A. we see the blinking blue & red lights behind us, of the CHIPS (California Highway Patrol) 😮 yep they were blinking at us, & yep he wanted us to pull over. After a bit of indecision as to which side to pull over on (there are hard shoulders in the middle of the road here in parts) we pulled over to the side of the road & waited for him to sidle up to the window. Ive read before the best way to behave is hands flat on your lap (or wheel if you’re the driver), don’t move until he tells you to, & even then tell him what your about to do before you do it. So that’s how we played it.

He told us we were doing 79 in a 65 zone, which we knew. No apologies, we knew we were caught. When we pulled out the Irish drivers licences he softened a bit, & a bit of banter later he sent us on our way, ticket free. 🙂 Yay for Irishness!

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If he told yez yeh were doing 79 miles an hour, yez should have told him “That’s impossible, officer, shure we only left the hotel 10 minutes ago!”
Must have been the luck of the Irish at work that yez all didn’t end up in some little county jail…:-)
Anyhow, good to know yez are having such a good experience so far. Y’all be careful now, y’heah?….

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