Paddy – The last night in Vegas

Sunday night we went to see the medievil show in the excalibur casino, tournament of kings. Anyone whos seen cable guy will know the kind of show it is. You get to sit around a small arena eating guinea fowl with your bare hands & swigging mead while a knights of the round kingdom themed combat/musical/acrobatical show goes on in the middle. Each section of the crowd represents a country so everyone has a knight to cheer. All in all the show is good fun, plenty of cheesy acting & the acrobats at the end are really talented. Nice quiet night out in vegas.

Afterwards we walked down the strip to see some of the casinos we hadn’t had a chance to see, the bellagio & the Venetian. These 2 are known to be pretty impressive & the only reason we had left them to this point was they were on the opposite end of the strip to the one we were staying on. Walking down the strip the heat just hits you in the face, theres nearly no breeze & when you do get some its hotter than none. When you wak down the strip a lot of the casinos are linked by walkways or trams, you find yourself going out of your way to go through casinos even if it’s a longer way, for the air-con. Im not comfortable in this climate at all.

So on to the casinos. First the fountains of the Bellagio. What can I say, wow! Probably the best single attraction in Vegas imo. Even in a city like vegas where literally everything is super impressive these blew us all away. The show maybe a minute long & plays every 15 minutes. We stayed for showings, the first set to Shania Twain or something similar, & the second set to some classical music which just made it more beautiful. Im not even going to try and describe the show, we recorded it & its below so see it for yourself.

Finally we popped over to the Venetian. As you might expect its done in the style of Venice. Outside its just as ornate as you’d expect, but the real centrepiece is inside where theres an artificial canal on the second floor, complete with gondola’s & the ceiling is painted & lit perfectly as if it were the sky. When you walk into the first room with this effect the change in lighting along with the perfect paint job really gives the effect of being outside. Very pretty & a lovely way to close out the Vegas weekend.

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I love the Bellagio. I’ve seen it so many times on TV and film, I’d love to see it up close. Sounds amazing.

Off to watch video of Bellagio fountains…

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