Night on the town

So we were all back from the chopper experience. I decided to leave my glasses somewhere in the chopper area. Thankfully a quick call and they were willing to drop them back to the hotel. I have to say, I was bricking it for a while there. Sure while waiting on them to bring them to me, we decided to hit the bar and have a drink or two. I only had prescription sunglasses on, and they came in handy. Especially as the buxom waitress waited on tables. That girl had no shame. 😉
So it was only the one pint, before we headed for a siesta, Tony worked on the blog photos, and myself and Paddy hit the sack.

1:24AM as it is now typing this, tells us the alarm was set wrong and we have not headed out. a few quick showers, a check on hooters opening hours (its closed 🙁 ) and we are off looking for some soakage before hitting the LAX nightclub.

We were supposed to post before this, but sorting out the multitude of photos is a bit of a chore. Expect the first set and intro blog to go live first thing tomorrow.

Darren X

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