The Driving Test

Well I suppose it’s only right that I put a post up on this considering I passed this morning. 🙂 After posting an update to Twitter I was inundated with @ replies, Facebook wall posts and even a dedicated entry over on Darren’s blog. For that I’m tremendously grateful, I’ve got some great friends.

So to details of how it went. I arrived 15 minutes early as I had been advised to by my instructor Aidan and was the only one in the waiting room till some Chinese dude came in. We both had the same time on our sheets and were brought down to this room (at the end of the longest corridor in the world). After being assigned a tester I sat down and he asked questions about the rules of the road and road signs. Then it was time for the real deal out on the mean streets of Tallaght.

After doing the engine checks we left the test centre and immediately went into an industrial estate where we encountered a comically placed bin truck and artic on opposite sides of the road. After that it was a spin through the village, out onto the bypass and then back via a couple of estates for turnabout/reverse around a corner. I wasn’t sure how I’d done when we got back as your man wasn’t really giving anything away. Alas I have it now (will pop into the Motor Tax Office on Thursday) and am delighted for it.

7 replies on “The Driving Test”

Congratulations again Anthony, fair play to you for not stressing and getting worked up.
So when you bringing us for a spin?? 😉

@Mary: Thanks. Let’s all go to the beach! Actually no, it’s raining. 🙁

@Darren: Thanks again for the post.

@Ben: Want to get a Focus or something like it. Meep, meep is right.

@Lottie: What a great dance.

Ahh rain schmein, where’s your sense of adventure 🙄 .
I’ll be waiting for you with me wellies and bucket and spade 😆

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