The Ronaldo saga

To be honest, I’m sick of all this crap about Ronaldo. He’s made it clear that he’s not committed to United by the way he’s behaved over teh summer. He signed a contract to 2012 yet he has fostered an atmosphere of discontentment. What annoys me even more is Ferguson’s quote from this BBC story:

The fans have got to understand; it’s very difficult when a young boy is tempted by all this money.

What the hell is that?! The guy earns tens of tens of thousands a week if not hundreds of thousands at United. That’s not even considering merchandising deals. He can throw money into a fire for the rest of his life and he’ll still be able to afford Ferraris by the dozen. Ronaldo doesn’t know when he has it made. He was the top scorer last season and a major factor in the double trophy win. I’m sick of his selfishness though. His heart isn’t in the club and I doubt it ever will be. We should have cashed in and took an offer from Real Madrid. 👿

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