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Saturday saw myself, Mark, Ro, Paul and Co travel to England for the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer testimonial at Old Trafford. We’d been looking forward to this for ages. The guy has been a model professional for United and is truly a legend for myself and thousands of other United fans. The day went really well but it was a long one. We had left Dublin early on Saturday and by the time we’d had a few drinks in Bolton later that night, it was 1am and I was set for bed.

The game itself wasn’t amazing (testimonials rarely are) but I was delighted to pay tribute to a guy who has done so much for the club. He got an amazing reception when he came on with 20 minutes to go and rightly so. Ronaldo could learn a lot from him in my opinion. He had a chance to transfer to Tottenham in 1998 but decided to stick with United even though moving would have guaranteed him more first team starts. He’s now coaching the Reserves team at the club and I’m delighted he’ll still be involved in the future.

We arrived home around 5.30 on Sunday evening whereupon I had a quick trip home to change and head for Darren’s birthday bash in town. I’ll leave the full story of what happened for a seperate entry later on cos I’ve a few photos to upload.

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You did all that and still managed to out-dapper us all on Sunday night. V. impressed Mr McGuiness. Very impressed indeed.

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