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I haven’t talked about this on the blog yet but I won tickets to ‘The Dark Knight‘ premiere on Tuesday night. Myself, Darren and Darragh had all been dieing to get tickets and, unfortunately, Darren didn’t get his own set so he’s taking my spare one. I know another mate of mine who would probably bite my hand off to go but Darren put me on to in the first place so the ticket is his.

As prep for Tuesday I bought ‘Batman Begins‘ on DVD last week. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t got it in my collection already but it came in a 2 DVD pack with ‘Batman – Gotham Knight’. I only saw Begins the once when it was in the cinema so it was nice to refresh my memory. I was paying so much attention that I even spotted Risteard Cooper from Apres Match playing Captain Simonson. 🙂 ‘Gotham Knight’ on the other hand is a collection of 7 animated stories which go some way to bridge the gap between ‘Begins’ and ‘The Dark Knight’. They’re all really impressive but the stand out one for me was ‘Deadshot’. I found it on Youtube but I’m not too sure how long it’ll last. You can enjoy it below in two parts:

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@Lottie I told you already – I know your love my natural aroma and I’m sure Anthony will learn to appreciate it too.

@Davey Boy ( 😕 ) Looking forward to it.

@Anto Woooooooooooooooooo. Hoooooooooooooooooooo!

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