Find the Copper Face Jacks daddy

This morning The Herald brings us the story of ‘Roisin’. ‘Roisin’ had a one night stand with some random dude she met in Copper Face Jacks and now has a five-month-old daughter. She’s enlisted the help of Ray D’Arcy to try and track him down. The description they have is fairly distinctive so they may well get in touch with him.

I don’t know if she’s going to get the outcome she wants though. Copper Face Jacks isn’t the finest of establishments so the odds of this guy wanting a hand in his daughter’s upbringing are slim. In my opinion anyway. Perhaps I’m just a cynic. What say you?

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A nurse… in slapper, I mean Copper Face Jacks, had a one night stand with a guy. Well this world just gets weirder by the day.

@Niamh: That’s a tad scary alright.

@Dar: I hard time believing somebody would do that in such fine surroundings.

Jesus I actually know a guy in Wicklow who fits that description perfectly. I really don’t think it narrows things down enough though, and there’s no way in hell I’d call the Herald about it. Imagine how badly you could fuck someone’s life up if you got it wrong and some journo went after them with all guns blazing. i find it hard to feel too much sympathy for someone who didn’t even get the guy’s name or have the cop on to use a condom.

Nowadays she’s lucky a baby is all she caught! The men that haunt Copper Face Jacks are a breed of their own…of pedigree standard I’m sure.

As Aoife says,(the mysery man has come).He has indeed and proof is there. Feel sad for pooooor innocent Roisin. From what I read this place should best be left to the drunken horndogs that frequent it, and this applies to both sexes.

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