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Lars and the Real Girl

Wow, I don’t know what I was expecting from this film but it really suprised me. Lars is a socially awkward young man who lives in his brother’s garage. He doesn’t enjoy spending time with people and has a real problem with being touched. Lars finds out about real dolls and orders Bianca. I won’t go through the whole story but this film is by turns suprising, heartbreaking and very funny. Ryan Gosling is a really gifted actor and makes you understand how Lars has come to this point in his life. I’d recommend this film wholeheartedly. It’s not the usual fare but I really enjoyed it.

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Likewise, I was very surprised by this movie. I loved it. It has such a feel good finish. There’s a number of movies that make you feel awkward and you’re just waiting for something bad to happen. Lars stays on the nice side of that line, which means there’s plenty of drama with very little bad feeling. Brilliant!

And yes, Gosling is a genius. Have you seen The Notebook?

@Darren: The Notebook? Isn’t that a film that women talk about constantly? I’ve heard it mentioned.

@Darragh: It’s well worth the time.

@Johnny: I believe that.

Yep, that’s the one. But don’t let that put you off. We sat down to watch it a few months back and were really surprised by it. I was all set to hate it but it turned out to be amazing. Give it a go – you won’t be disappointed. 😉

That looks really good. I read some good reviews of it a few weeks but I opted for a slightly different movie instead, Iron Man. I’ll check Lars and the Real Girl if a chance though.

*what’s the below comment preview extension? Tis’ nice.

@Darren: I’m not too sure about that man. RottenTomatoes says: “The Notebook is still a syrupy tearjerker” with a rating of 50%. Won’t be going out of my way to catch it.

@Cormac: It’s called Live Comment Preview. I’d forgotten about it since it doesn’t appear when your logged in as I normally am. Here’s the address for it:

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