Johnny 5 is alive….again

Johnny 5

Empire reports today that a new Short Circuit film is in the works. This both excites and scares me at the same time. I saw this film when I was 7 and while robots like Johnny 5 fascinated and intrigued me, they also convinced me the end of humanity was imminent (in a “they’ve got lasers and we don’t” kind of way). Steve Guttenburg went a long way to allaying those fears though so, if there’s any justice in the world, he’ll be back as the ‘cool scientist guy who scores the chick whose life is disrupted by this crazy robot’. Apparently the film will also “factor in advances in technology”. Does that mean he’ll have a Facebook profile, updating his mates through Twitter and storing circuit related photos on Flickr?

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I wanted to see Wall-E until I found out about this… The only reason Pixar’s new movie interested me was that it reminded me of Short Circuit. I am going to skip Wall-E and wait for this film to be made… Johnny 5 is number one in my book! I can’t believe with the hundreds of thousands of designs that could have been used, Pixar decided on one that undoubtedly brings back a nostalgic feeling in audiences hearts left by the tread-marks of J5.

Id like in the next film that johnny 5 finds love, with a Mac and they have a baby , but the baby is running Windows Vista and keeps crashing and the Johnny suspects the Mac of flirting with a photocopier and all hell breaks loose. . .

Living proof that even PC’s should use contraception firewalls. . .

Ha, excellent Ben. If that’s not the actualy storyline then I reckon we try and secure funding to make such a movie immediately.

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