I can has busy?

This week is shaping up to be quite busy and lends itself to being summarised in bullet points:

  • I bought a new iPod Touch (32Gb) yesterday. It’s my first ever Apple purchase so hopefully it won’t bite me in the ass. I’ll need to normalize the volume on my MP3 collection and start properly tagging and sorting for iTunes. Will let you know how I get on, it should be delivered tomorrow/Wednesday.
  • Have to consult my uncle on the new laptop he wants. It seems like I’m the “go to guy” for laptop purchases.
  • I’ve set myself up as a reseller with Blacknight. What that means is that I can now host web sites easily. This has particular relevance to some freelance work I’m doing at the moment. The blog and a few other bits will hopefully move over to the new server later on.
  • CreativeCamp is on this weekend in Kilkenny. I’m not too sure if I’ll be staying over the Saturday night or not. Need to make a call on that as a hotel will need to be sorted. Looking forward to it though.

Work has also been crazy lately with a load of “side” projects needing time and attention. Ughh. At least I’ll have a new toy to play with.

One reply on “I can has busy?”

Creative Camp? I knew there was a reason I called you king of the nerds. I have an ipod touch, knew I should have waited for them to make ones with bigger storage. 32 gb is not enough. I have some cool programs for putting dvds on it, dvds are a bit painful to put on even with a dual core. MPEGS 4s or other divx, avi seem to move along quite nicely though, takes about 5 minutes to convert an episode of south park to the correct format ipod accepts. pretty sure they only accept 1 type the nazi’s. Ive started a blog, not much on it at the moment though il link you. VISTA SUCKS!!!!!!!!

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