Friday Photo – Italian Elation

Apres Italy

This photo was taken when Italy won the World Cup in 2006. Temple Bar was buzzing with people so we stuck around and celebrated with them. You don’t get a vibe like that in Dublin often so it was great to see everyone so happy. (The photo has been modified by Dumpr)

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It is, actually, though I’m firmly of the belief that it is with a harsh, violent, drink-fuelled edge. My girlfriend on moving here initially thought that going for a walk in Temple Bar of a Saturday night was the best way top pass a Saturday night and my apparent edginess was unfounded, but she noticed that there was a regular, 20-minute pattern to the spontaneous bloody violence there. Needless to say, we’re fining more relaxing ways to pass a Saturday night now than avoiding a beating.

@Dave2: It depends on where you go Dave. 🙂 The next time your over we’ll scout some good pubs like the Stag’s Head, Palace Bar, O’Donoghues etc.

@kevintel: That’s a tad overstated Kev. Temple Bar is covered in CCTV and to be honest, I’ve never seen any violence take place there.

I don’t think it is Anto, Oana was of the same opinion as yourself until we saw people beating the hell out of each on the streets there weekend after weekend, with or without the help of the Gardai, in broad daylight and in the evening. Not to take away from the fun there but at the same time, I’ll always be watching my back in Dublin.

They should really do something about the drunken behaviour.

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