The King of Dundalk

Check this moron out. 😆 MTV have brought their Sweet 16 show to these shores and man is it funny.

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Saw this over Xmas and nearly died laughing! This is probably the best example I’ve seen in months which just goes to prove how our beloved little nation has lost the run of itself!

Was there for it – passed through the centre area of the Marshes on my way to lunch while the spoiled little shit abseiled down. Blogged about it too 🙂

BTW… did you mean to say “shows” or “shores”?

I hope that guy knows that he won’t be able to go outside now without risking several punches to the facial area.

@Robin: It really is. 🙂

@Alexia: Glad ya got as much of a laugh out of it as I did.

@roosta: I know a couple of people from Dundalk and this guy is definitely unrepresentative.

@Paulo: His parents seemed completely out of their depth so I don’t know where the money came from in their family.

@Niall O’K: I’ll have a look at that. Yep, you spotted a typo. Opps.

@Matt: If I was him I’d be more worried about the nads.

Actually, The Marshes reportedly PAID the Malone family €2,000 to stage the invitation event there and MTV footed the bill for the rest of the celebrations (i.e.: renting/decorating Silence and hiring Cascada). Not sure whether the suit was sponsored, but most likely so as it was big exposure for Tony O’Driscoll menswear.

I really want to see this but the MTV UK site wont let me in because Im in the US…Im Irish and I live here…Any suggestions as to where else to find the video? Watching a good car crash such as this is worth a bit of effort…

@Niall O’K: So it was all free? Makes his attitude seem even worse.

@Anna: Try using this site and it might allow you to access it. Other than that you could try a Google for ‘UK proxy’.

In fairness, I thought it was kinda harmless. I feel sorry those involved. They sold their souls to MTV and a pushy production crew who tried to stage reactions but failed. The whole thing seemed like a bit of a flop really.

this guy is nothing but a raging mo… and that’s coming from one….

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