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Everything must go

I’ve had the past two days off work and, as is my penchant of late, I’ve tried to put the time to good use. That’s involved clearing a lot of shit from my room. Old magazines (mostly Empire going back to 2003), old clothes, generally computer crap like old manuals etc. It’s been great and has given me a bit more space. I’ve also got back into the driving and took another lesson on Monday afternoon. At this stage it’s mostly about building up confidence so I’ve been going to Dunboyne and back a few times. I’ll leave you with the Manic Street Preachers track which I nicked the post title from…

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Ack! I love, love, love Empire magazine! I buy a copy whenever I can find it, but it’s difficult to get the imports over here. I wanted to subscribe, but the cost is just too high. I thought all that would change when they started selling digital subscriptions (since there would be no high shipping costs to the States)… but they charge the SAME amount of money for digital and physical subscriptions. WTF? Maybe one day…

It’s a great mag alright but the cost of subscription is ridiculous. I didn’t even know they were selling a digital copy. The only magazine I’m subscribed to is Wired and that’s because they’ve got great articles and the cost is minimal.

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