JD & Coke….in a can!!

JD & a can!!!I wouldn’t have believed it but for the fact that I’ve held it in my hands. It’s Jack Daniels and Coke…in a can. My bro has been travelling for the past couple of weeks and arrived home with it for me to try. I’m going to save it for the moment in anticipation that it will actually taste nice.

Apparently they’re official by the looks of this page which shows them coming in four packs. You can also get it in a bottle but the dude had to source they via eBay from Australia.

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No need to source from across the globe. The bottles are sold in Germany and if I recall correctly, in Amsterdam too.

What’s the cost on these items?
Is anybody importing them to Ireland?
And if they aren’t then WHHHHYYYYY NOT !!!!!!!!

I want one now.

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