Ur so fired!

Your so fired!Found this election poster on the Navan Road last week. It’s for our present Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, and someone obviously believes he’s not going to return to power.

‘Ur so fired!’ was written on at least six or seven posters along one of the busiest commuter roads in the city. They appear to have all been removed since but it gave me a real chuckle when I saw them. There’s a television debate on tonight between the two biggest party leaders. Hopefully Enda Kenny can hold his own against Bertie.


  1. CRB   •  

    Dick Roche has had his fair share (deservedly so!) ranging from a sign stuck up over one of his offices – “Cock” Roche, on his posters – Developer Bitch and someone has stuck up a pile of large brown envelopes over his Posters allaround the county, as well as many being torn down. I think someone is trying to tell him something….. 😎

  2. Matt Vinyl   •  

    The Navan Road scribe has struck again. They all have Bribie Ahern written on them now.

  3. anthony   •     Author

    😆 Brilliant

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