Gere faces Indian arrest warrant

What in the name of god is going on when an arrest warrant is issued for Richard Gere cos he kissed Shilpa Shetty in public?! Apparently the judge deemed it “an obscene act”. Obviously India is incredibly backward if this sort of thing is going on.

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Anto, the rest of the world is not the same as Ireland. What is considered obscene or antisocial is different in other cultures. There was a time when that behaviour might have incurred the wrath of a judge here, too. It’s not so long ago that some acts by a woman that might be considered obscene by her family or peers would result in her being locked up in a laundry as a virtual slave for most of her life.

Get out there, see a bit of the world before you judge it!

I knew you’d comment on this one Kev. 🙂

Fair point about the Magdelan laundries alright.

I didn’t suggest the rest of the world needs to be like Ireland though. However I see it as backward to think that a foreign visitor, while not seeking to offend Indian cultural sensibilities, has had an arrest warrant issued. Does this occur regularly with foreigners?

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