The Clarence: Proposed Redevelopment

Working in the city council allows me to see proposed developments like new bus lanes, parks, etc. One presentation which caught my eye downstairs this week is the development plans for the Clarence Hotel. As Wikipedia tells us, it was originally built in 1852 and was transformed into a contemporary design in 1996 by Bono and the Edge. I’m not sure of the exact details of the re-development but they’re developing into buildings on either side of the existing hotel. It also looks like they’re ripping out the guts of the current hotel and going with a massive atrium. The most stunning feature is the flying saucer type room on top of the hotel which offers panoramic views of the city centre. The pictures I snapped are available on Flickr and I’ll post a couple of them here:
The Clarence (looking from north to south)
Back of the Clarence Hotel

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The three times I’ve been to Dublin, I’ve stayed in amazing hotels… and here’s another. Yet another reason to visit again, I suppose!

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