Qantas Airlines are muppets

I’m referring to this story on the BBC on how a passenger was banned from boarding a Qantas airlines flight because of his t-shirt. The t-shirt in question features an image of President Bush, along with the slogan “World’s Number One Terrorist”. Qantas said it was “a security threat and an item which might cause offence to other passengers”. Wtf?! When is a t-shirt a “security threat” for gods sake. 👿 Oh and when did it become an offense to “offend” anyone. Political correctness gone haywire. I hope the guy sues Qantas.

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thats just the same as the BA cabin Girl who had to take her cross and chain off and was suspended for wearing it in the first place, in case, it offended someone, noone had complained, it was the airlane that jumped the gun.

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