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Trying to organize a hard drive full of photos, videos and music is not as fun as it sounds. Things are scattered all over the place and it can be an absolute nightmare trying to ensure there’s no duplicates floating around. My two 200Gb hard drives store a hell of a lot and I’m concious of burning a lot of the crucial stuff out just in case. It takes a while though.

Meanwhile in the wide world of blogs, I read Dave’s entry about Cupid and a possible DVD release. Cupid is a TV show from 1998-99 starring Jeremy Piven and written by Rob Thomas, the guy behind the always excellent Veronica Mars. I hadn’t heard of Cupid before apart from Dave mentioning it the odd time so I picked up the first episode (legally of course ;). It’s really, really good. Here’s a summary of what it’s about:

It’s the story of a man who claims to be Cupid sent to Earth as a punishment. To earn his place back on Mount Olympus, he must reunite a hundred couples without the use of magic. He has been stripped of his powers and has become a normal human being for the length of his stay among us. Because of his claims, Trevor is thought to be delusional and placed under psychology study. He must attend Claire’s therapy groups on a regular basis, where he usually likes to interfere and contradict her.

The script and acting remind me of other quality shows like the aforementioned VMars, The West Wing and Studio 60. Sony Pictures have put up a poll of potential shows they might release on DVD with their popularity deciding whether they’ll do it or not. It’s public so I’d ask you to give Cupid your vote. Trust me, it’s a show worth seeing. Go vote, do it, do it.

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As good as the first episode was, I have to tell you “Heart of the Matter” and “First Loves” and a half-dozen others were even better! 🙂

Cool. I’ve got the rest of them on the way so will keep an eye out for those.

i can’t believe you got posts about some unheard-of cancelled tv show and noone congratulated you on your Ghostbusters find, Tony you truly are unappreciated by your following.:lol:

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