€44 for a Razorlight ticket?!

That was the thought that just entered my head after reading that Razorlight are to play the RDS Simmonscourt in February. I mean, I’m no cheapskate but some artists seem to be asking over the odds for gigs. I saw Paulo Nutini in November and the tickets cost €25. I’ll grant you the fact that Razorlight are bigger than Paolo Nutini in sales terms but I don’t see a reason why I should have to pay almost €20 more. Looking at their prices in England, they’re approx €35 (using currency converter) so why the big discrepancy? I’ve been following this band since the initial release of ‘Up All Night’ but this just disappoints me. Boo-urns.

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it’s not the band my friend it’s the promoter, Irish Promoters are world famous for their Greed.
Especially Aiken

I actually only heard this this morning, and thought similar, was amazed they were playing the RDS in the first place. Who reckons the gig will end up being moved.

Trev: Well it was Irish promoters that destroyed the prospect of the Stones playing here.

Paddy: I’d be suprised to see it move. I can see them doing quite well, especially off the back of ‘America’.

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