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The Late Late show incident

One of the longest running TV chat shows in Ireland, The Late Late Show, had a rude interruption on Friday night as a man berated the host Pat Kenny calling him an arsehole before they cut to ads. What surprised me though wasn’t the incident itself but more the OTT reaction of Linda Martin, Ireland’s excuse for a pseudo-celebrity. In the story she’s quoted as a “You’re A Show” judge (:lol:) and says “I thought to myself this fella is going to produce a gun or a knife at some point”. Now, I don’t know about you but I don’t believe that drunk people are great at acquiring firearms. Probably the best quote was left for last when she said: “I’d say there were quite a few in the audience who were thinking the same thing – this fella is just going to flip the bean altogether.” 😆 Someone should put that on a t-shirt: “Careful now – don’t flip the bean”.

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