What Grinds My Gears

Michele did this a few weeks ago which inspired me to create a list of my own:

  • People who talk in cinemas: The bugs the shite out of me. “Your not watching it at home moron, it’s not cool to talk”. A recent example included the skanger mother who took her young kids to see a 9pm show of Snakes on a Plane. They sat down beside us and I had to actually move to get away from their constant talking. 👿
  • Dumbass drivers: Ireland is know particularly for its crap drivers some of which I encounter on my daily commute. Granted, I don’t drive but you would think a big ass yellow and blue bus in your mirror would indicate that you shouldn’t block the bus lane.
  • Lack of integrity and responsibility: This applies to politicians in particular. When we spent €200 million on a failed e-voting system no-one stepped down, they merely moved department. Wtf is that? You monumentally screwed up and spent taxpayers money on something you knew wouldn’t work?! If that was me I’d consider it an honour to be allowed resign before my ass was thrown to the kerb whereupon I would be beaten to a pulp by voters with said machines. Now our Taoiseach has revealed that he took a “loan” from friends of his, who are business men and hasn’t paid a cent back. They’re businessmen, they don’t give out free money. 👿
  • Irish prices: Why does everything have to cost a bomb over here? It’s madness. American’s bitch about the price of their petrol but take a look at sites like and you’ll see how much of a raw deal we get, and that’s by the litre! It costs €10 to buy a ticket to the cinema and then you’re looking at another €10 for popcorn, drink and minstrels. Plus they’ve taken away the butter cos “someone could slip on it”. 👿 👿
  • “Broadband” in Ireland: Damien Mulley has written some excellent pieces on broadband or the lack thereof in Ireland. His latest shows just how badly we’re being ripped off. You can get 52Mb broadband for the equivalent of €25. That’s insane!! The average for the top 15 speed wise is 18Mb with a cost of €34 or thereabouts. So why do we continue to be underserved and overcharged?

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No Dave the prices are as bad for everyone unfortunately. Boo-urns.

yeah the prices are a pain but i totally agree on the bertie thing, you’d swear he was waitin til they died so he could declare the loan repayment void. on a serious not e though, he suppsoedly got the money to help him through his seperation /divorce when he wasn’t on as much as he is now, but as pat rabitte has said, that was a long time ago, and he’s earned over 2million euro (about $3 million) since he became taoiseach, he could easily afford to pay it back, and the “i tried but they wouldn’t take it” excuse is BS also, he’s the taoiseach, he’d say to them “unless you want to send me up the river take your f’in money back and stop acting like an asshole”

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