Velociraptors on the 18th green

RaptorSo the Ryder Cup tees off today in Straffen, Co. Kildare this morning. The weather has been a big concern all week with the tail end of Hurricane Gordon swinging on by. There was serious wind last night with a lot of trees losing branches. Does it remind anyone else of Jurassic Park? You invite a load of famous pros over to inspect the facilities on your island, a storm hits and before ya know it you’ve got velociraptors on the 18th green. Let’s see Tiger Woods handle that. I know Padraig Harrington wouldn’t be fazed, “ah sure he’s only here to watch the golf like everyone else”. Yes, I have a warped mind.

Richard HammondIn sadder news, Wednesday evening saw Richard Hammond crash a jet powered car at 300mph. He had been filming a segment for Top Gear when the car veered off the runway and rolled over. Doctors say he suffered a “significant brain injury” but are hopeful that he’ll make a “good recovery”. Jeremy Clarkson has said that Hammond smiled when he insulted his driving skills so that’s hopefully indicative that the damage is not too bad. Hope he gets well soon. There’s a certain every-man way to him that really endears him to audiences. He’s up for anything and unfortunately that’s done him a disservice on this occasion but that’s his nature. 🙂

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