Me + Snakes + BBC = Random

It was around 3pm on Tuesday when I got an email in from a researcher at BBC World radio. Hmmmm. This has got to be a wind-up, apparently they read my Snakes on a Plane review and want me to go on a show and talk about it. A few emails later and a call from the producer who quizzes me on why I liked the film. She quickly explains though that I can’t say “because there’s motherf*cking snakes on a motherf*cking plane”. ๐Ÿ™‚

At 6.45 I would be given a call as the show was live and the presenter would be asking three of us for opinions on the movie. Have to admit I was quite nervous but I feel I acquitted myself quite well. It’s probably the one and only time I’ll be on the BBC but only through the power of the net can you write a blog entry and be on BBC radio 5 hours later. ๐Ÿ˜€



  1. Dave2   โ€ข  

    But… but… it’s because there ARE mutherf#@%ing snakes on a mutherf#@%ing plane!! Everybody know that! Heck, I know it and I haven’t even seen the film yet!


  2. James Duffy   โ€ข  

    Congratulations and i isaw the film and it is ridcualsy good:oops:mrgreen:

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