Wow, the past week has been hectic in Orlando. We’ve done so much in such a small amount of time. That includes visiting Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Universal Studios, The Hard Rock, NBA City Restaurant. In fact I’m struggling to remember all that we’ve done. I found a nice little internet cafe located in the Mini Golf place opposite the hotel so I’ll be posting a full entry (with pics Dave) tomorrow at some stage. We’re travelling to Cape Canaveral in the morning so it won’t be a late night tonight. The weather has been good but not too hot, thankfully. 🙂 Apparently it’s particularly hot at home with tempatures in the 30s. Poor feckers, at least there’s something to do out here besides work. Take to ye tomorrow so. 😀


  1. James Duffy   •  

    hope ur having a goodtime
    and i hope ur playing well in the mini golf
    enjoy the rest of ur holiday

  2. Dave   •  

    Nice 1 chap.glad your all havin fun.weather is still hot here but not as hot as last week.what are the rides like over there(not the women lad)On the topic of ladies,are they hot.well,im in for the week,mon-fri so im jealous as hell.
    any how,il talk to u soon.Tell the others i said hello.Put those pics up chap

  3. Dad   •  

    Nice to know you’re having a great time over there…Weather has been really hot back here, as you know already from what Dave said. Looking forward to seeing all your pics at the weekend, and having a chat about what you thought of the place (and the people…) after your first visit…;) Take care, and enjoy the rest of the week…

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