Easter Roundup List Thing

Well we haven’t had a list in a while and I have a few things to comment on so here goes:

  • Spent last night watching the Champions League semi-final between AC Milan and Barcelona. Mark and Dave came around to watch it but we spent most of the time looking at random videos from youtube. Also ordered a Domino’s pizza and got 50% off (the magic of vouchers!) which meant the total came to €20 for all our food. Happy days.
  • Didn’t get up to much over the Easter weekend. Spent the rest of Sunday setting up my uncle’s wireless broadband and it works quite well. He’s out past Maynooth so wired broadband isn’t an option. He went for Clearwire and the reception is excellent. Still can’t compare to my NTL broadband though 🙂 (entry on that coming this weekend).
  • My King Kong DVD arrived from Must get around to watching that at the weekend although it has joined the massive ‘unwatched’ pile.
  • Work has been quite busy. I’m trying to get my head around the idea of maintaining and managing a site for a city. Even saying those words is freaking me out. I’m confident we’ll get it right in the end but it will be a lot of hard work.
  • I nabbed a ticket for Roy Keane’s Testimonial game next month between United and Celtic. One of the lads from work sorted me out but we’re flying back from Liverpool the next day instead of coming back with the group that night. To fly out of Manchester the next day with any of the Irish airlines would have cost upwards of £125 hence why it’s Liverpool. :O

For now, I’m off to the pub to watch the other semi-final between Arsenal and Villareal. If you want to understand why I love football so much then some of the videos on this site will explain.

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ah the soccer is great, lots of fun, mind you cu chulainn never played soccer, too much of a womans sport for our setanta.

now you see why i didn’t go to see liverpool v bolton, €199 over excl tax and €199 back excl tax (tax was approx €42 each way, so add another €84 to the price) all in over €500 to fly to liverpool or Manchester and spend the night and fly back, and the room was only 45 sterling. bloody grand national was on so it was mucho expensive, makes you sick the way cunts like o’leary brag about low price airlines and then quote people that price for a 30 min flight, i could have gone to orlando for a week with aerlingus for what o’leary wanted to go to liverpool, fuckin joke.
i’d say youll enjoy the testimonial, looks like good fun, i wouldn’t play any of the lads he criticised though he may break them up for fun.

The flights are a ridiculous price alright but that’s capitalism. Not that I’m advocating another other system. 😉

I may consider doing just that Conor. It’ll take a bit of time though.

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