What the?!

I just logged into my Hotmail account which is no longer my primary mail account to see a message from “William Smith”. The text of it went as follows:

Hi Joe
hope you arrived safe and well. I hope your not too tired this morning to enjoy al the new and exciting things there is to see!!
I sent you a tex but apparently you have left your phone as the aerial has been lost!! what are you like??
We are all missing you already, when otts got home on sunday she ran up stairs to show you her phone and found charles in your bed instead. Anyway thats all for now except have a wonderful time and just be your self, and evryone you meet will love you to bits.

My address at Hotmail is joeduffy so it explains the greeting at least. Honestly though, what the hell?! I’m tempted to reply back as “Joe” and explain what a wonderful trip I’m having. 😆 Aside from the snakes on the plane that is.

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You could actually get really good milage out of this if you send the right reply. I dont think you have any choice. See if you can find out where they are based.

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