Well that seems like quite an apt title since I’ve spent most of my weekend watching TV shows that I downloaded. Here’s a synopsis of the new shows and older ones I’ve been picking up on:

My Name Is EarlMy Name Is Earl: Really enjoying this show after getting the first series. The basic premise is that Earl has done a lot of bad things in his life and wants to make up for them after hearing about Karma. There’s some really sharp writing and a great central performance from Jason Lee. I believe it’s showing on Sky One in the UK and Ireland at the moment.

Grey's AnatomyGrey’s Anatomy: I’d heard Dave talk about this show but since it wasn’t being shown in Ireland I hadn’t really bothered with it. While browsing around I decided to get the first episode and it’s turning out to be very good. The show centres around the central character of Meredith Grey, a surgical intern at Seattle’s most prestigious hospital. We also get to follow her fellow interns and how they start to learn the ropes. So what does this have over ER or Scrubs? It essentially finds a middle ground in that the character relationships are top notch plus the casting is great. Definitely worth a look.

The IT CrowdThe IT Crowd: Anyone who has seen Father Ted knows how good a writer Graham Linehan is and his latest project centres around the IT department of a major corporation. Roy and Moss are disgruntled techs after Jen, a computer illerate manager, is assigned to take charge. If your involved with working in IT then you’re probably going to love it. Especially if you’ve ever had to work in a basement.

Veronica Mars: It’s frustrating when series take unexplained breaks of two and three weeks. Especially when you’re trying to follow an unfolding plot. Although the latest episodes have been great I’m struggling to remember details from past episodes so I may wait until there are a few more ready before I watch again.

Lost: Excellent latest episode (Episode 15 of Series 2) with lots of details revealed. I won’t mention them here of course but it seems like the writers have finally started to listen up.

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I watched ‘my name is earl’ the other day, either last night or friday. I thought it was quite good. As for the IT crowd. Ive watched it a few times, though im not that keen on it. I like how they touch on some issues that do apply to geeks, but some of it is just too stupid. I guess I like it more than I dislike it.

As for lost – I never got into it.

Heard my name is Earl is supposed to be quality.

IT Crowd has potential. Irish lad is made for the role. English guy with the hair should be done away with as he is just a manufactured nerd and just takes away from the show. The rest of the cast are ok to watch.

Phil: Thanks for the comment. I think some of the jokes in the IT Crowd can fall flat at times alright. I prepared to give it more time though.

Trev: The IT Crowd isn’t that bad man. Chris Morris is very funny in it.

Wolfy: My Name is Earl really is a good show. Watch it. Moss is a bit forced at times alright.

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