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Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain What a fantastic film this is. I wasn’t too sure of the plotline going into the film, aside from hearing that it involved gay cowboys but essentially it’s a love story. The two central performances make the film and although I would have been hesitant about Heath Ledger’s acting skills, this is the performance of his career. It keeps your attention throughout by illustrating the relationships between the two principal characters and how their feelings for each other are complicated by circumstance and timing. One thing I was suprised about was the amount of people leaving during the film. I’ve seen this before but there were maybe 10-15 people and that’s a lot when you’re trying to concentrate on a film. I wonder was it through being uncomfortable with the subject matter or that they thought the film was slow. Either way, they missed out on an impressive piece of cinema.

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Says the man who liked King Kong. Me thinks people were leaving for a reason.

Personally as far as I’m concerned cowboys by their very genetic make up cannot be gay, it’s like saying Chuck Norris is gay. It’s just not possible. As such I won’t be going to see this movie as the material is obviously flawed if they have gay cowboys and Wolfy ain’t watching gay cowboys tear the very fabric of the space time continuum apart, I just won’t.

There’s an old Shepherd’s proverb:
“Red sky at night, Michael Dwyer’s delight,
Red sky at down, sheepherder porn”

5 Stars in the Irish Times from Mr Gay Review himself. Is it true the film has hot, thrusting anal action? Is it?

Wolfy: There was no Delorian involved. 😛

Kev: It does have one sex scene but it wasn’t overly gratuotous. Would you be happier if it was?

God, i’ve just realised what Google will index this page under. :S

so they’re happy cowboys, i really don’t get what all the fuss is a about,

Reminds me of a great line from repo man.
“john wayne’s a fag” “the hell he is!”

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