Roisin’s 21st

Had great craic last night at Roisin’s 21st. It was a house party and was one of the funniest I’ve been to. I can’t go into too much detail as I’d embarass the main protagonists too much but I will say:

  • Don’t buy too much Chinese food in. You’ll only end up giving it to the neighbours cat.
  • Mixing drink concoctions is a bad idea. Although some of them tasted quite nice. 🙂
  • Champagne should be handled carefully. Very carefully. 😆

Traffic cones and Christmas trees
Well done to Mark for doing the driving btw. I’ve uploaded a couple of photos from the night and also fixed a problem that Aido and Aishling highlighted with the photos page. It wasn’t opening any of the sub-pages due to the order of commands in the htaccess file.


  1. Neil T.   •  

    A traffic cone! Excellent 🙂

  2. anthony   •     Author

    Yep, they’re a recurring theme on our nights out and we found a bunch of em outside the house. 🙂

  3. trev   •  

    hans moleman is stuck down a road works now going “hello, can anybody here me? i’m stuck down here”

  4. anthony   •     Author

    He could well be. Better than getting a football in the groin though.

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