Well it’s Monday night and I’m about to watch a DVD after a hard day of watching 5 Veronica Mars episodes in a row. 🙂 The story of my weekend goes as follows:

  • Friday: Went to football with the lads and stopped into the Globe cafe on George’s Street to see a mate of a mate play a DJ set. Stayed for two drinks and then headed off home.
  • Saturday: I got bits and pieces done around the house before going out to the local pub with Dave for a few drinks. Unfortunately, “a few” turned into “too many” and we ended up going to a local niteclub. Pretty funny night out though but I don’t like hangovers.
  • Sunday: Last night was my friend Helen’s Halloween House Party so I got dressed up as an Egyptian Carpet Salesman (:smile:) and toddled along. Had a really good night and only got in at about 4.30, hence my lazy day today.

Right so, off to watch that movie.

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