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This is one of those updates. 🙂

  • On Wednesday night I went down to the pub to watch Ireland but on a mediocre display against Switzerland. They didn’t do much and probably didn’t deserve to go through. A million and one punters have now had their say so I’m not going to add my 2 cents in. Alas, I was disappointed along with the rest of the country.
  • Thursday night was spent in the International Comedy Club in Dublin laughing at: Aidan Bishop, Dermot McMorrow, Tommy Nicholson and David O’Doherty. The place was absolutely jammers (full for those who aren’t Irish :wink:) with people and they all put on a great show. I’m going to see David O’Doherty again this week as he’s doing a standalone series of shows in the Project Arts Centre in Temple Bar. If you live in Dublin then go, you will be highly entertained.
  • Yesterday I was due to attend TechCamp but wasn’t feeling at all well on Friday so I decided not to go. By all accounts it was quite good and I’m sorry I had to miss it. Last night I went down to the pub with Dave for a few drinks. We discovered a disco bar that we thought had closed in one of the bars which was nice. Stayed there for the night and rambled home around 1.
  • This morning the Dunboyne team had a game against Swords Celtic. We lost the game heavily but we always seem to do that at the start of the season. 🙂 This was our first game and the lack of fitness showed. Tomorrow I’ll be doing laps to start getting them match fit. They need a serious trainer to give them the skills work though as I just don’t have the experience yet.

Tonight I’ll be wandering along to see Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. It looks fantastic and the reviews have been glowing. Unfortunately most of the back catalogue of models and scenery was destroyed last week in a fire at the main store house. The fire was still burning on Friday 🙁

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