PICT1962The big game is on tonight. Ireland vs Switzerland at Landsdowne Road. This is the big one. If we don’t win then we don’t go to the World Cup. It’s come down to this so I just hope they do it. C’MON YE BOYS IN GREEN!!!

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Ha ha ha. Yeah, the Irish team will really have to… Ha ha ha ha. I can’t say it HA HA HA HA HAA HAAA HAAAA! They HAA HAA HAA HAAA!!

*sigh* Oh dear. The Irish team is really stuffed. I’m sorry, but I think it’ll be another leg-gnawing exercise as Shay attempts to save the Ireland team from utter humiliation, and Kerr’s job…

Well, I wasn’t wrong. Can’t wait to see your post-match analysis of this one. Don’t be too bitter, they had it coming…

manager waited too long to change underperforming players, and then made bad changes. carr was muck, o’shea was poor in midfield, holland was worse, morisson was definitely the worst forward, and why take a forward off at the end just to bring a new one on, sacrifice a defender at that point, you’ve nothing to lose.

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