Hurricane Katrina

Right, this is the post I’ve been holding back on writing but I have time now so I’m going to get stuck in. Almost 4 weeks after Katrina hit my initial thoughts on the disaster haven’t changed much. I’m not going to post in-depth about my feelings because: (a) that’d take too long and (b) I’d probably get slammed for being “anti-American” or whatever that means. Instead I’ll post links to posts and sites detailing stories about Katrina:

Please donate to the Red Cross for the victims of the Hurricane and also don’t forget about the animals who have suffered terribly throughout the past few weeks.

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unfotunatley before they get a chance to sit back and reflect on your points the people of the southern states have to stop rebuilding their lives, and be ready to evacuate again for Hurricane Rita now classed as a stage 5, with nearly 4 days warning before it hits, how preared will the authorities be this time

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