FAQ for the DOD

Went along last night to catch David O’Doherty’s warm up show for the Edinburgh Festival last night. He had posted on a forum I frequent and asked people to go along as he wanted to test out material. I had only seen him once beforehand in the International when he was on stage with Tommy Tiernan and Dave McSavage. I met up with a few of the people from the forum, who I suppose should get a mention to make them famous, namely Wikki, Chirri, Kinky and Cali….oh and Brian. 🙂 The show itself was on from 6 to 7 and was superb. Dave has this really endearing way of presenting his material and the jokes are all the better for it. He does some songs on his keyboard between jokes and we were in stitches the whole time. 😆 One of them, “FAQ for the DOD”, gives his answers for commonly asked questions by journalists. 🙂 I have some photos from the night but I need to tidy them up before posting them. Planning on going to “Stand Up Against Racism” which is on in Vicar Street tomorrow night. There’s a quality lineup including Tommy Tiernan, the aforementioned David O’Doherty, Reuben, Maeve Higgins and Barry Murphy.

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wikki would like to express her gratitude at your mentioning of her name. it is done. go about your business


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