London Attacks

There’s more news this afternoon from London following yesterdays attempted bombings. Apparently a suicide bomber was shot as he ran from police. An eyewitness said three police fell on top of him and unloaded 5 shots into him. The reports are still pretty sketchy but the picture should become clearer as the day goes on. I can’t believe that Blair is still giving the “if it wasn’t Iraq, it would be something else” excuse. That’s like sticking your head in the sand. 🙄 The situation is more complicated than just the invasion of Iraq but governments need to look at why so many young muslims are falling into the trap of extremism.

Update 1: It now looks like the man who was shot had no links to the terrorist attacks. My thoughts are with his family and the officers who made the decision to shoot him. It can’t have been an easy one. These are dangerous times.

Update 2: Great article by John Pilger over at Basically sums up exactly what I feel about the current situation. I saw Blair’s press conference yesterday and it’s phenomenol how a man can be so out of touch with the reality of a situation. He kept insisting that there was no justification for suicide bombers. He’s right that there isn’t but you need to understand that these suicide bombers are not robots. They are people with views, yes evil has inhabited their thinking but that happens as a consequence of the West’s hypocrisy in the region.

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