Haven’t been well at all this week. 🙁 Have had a cold circulating me for the past few weeks and it eventually arrived on Monday evening. Was off work since Tuesday and only went in today to get a few bits done and left early. Starting to get cabin fever here though so I’m hoping to get over to Paddy’s place tomorrow for a day getting reaquainted with the Star Wars saga. We’ve our tickets booked for Thursday evening at 7 so we should be fully up to date by then. 😉

When I got into work there were two packages I had ordered from the States. They’re both books from SitePoint, one being the Search Engine Marketing Kit and the other, Build Your Own ASP.NET Website Using C# & VB.NET. I bought them for work as I thought we needed to get up to speed on how to improve our positioning in Google plus our new CMS will be built in VB.NET. Will post reviews when I’ve read the guts of them.

Have also been waiting on a couple of things in the mail.

So here’s to a weekend of shaking off this cold. *SNEEZES*

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Hmmm… Global Priority Mail, which was used to send the shirt, is supposed to take just 4-6 days to arrive. I guess that means you’ll be seeing it early next week? Hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Good stuff dave. Will send a pic through when I receive it. 🙂

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